Parts kept for: CD24T 4M drill -----CD15 2.4M drill----CD2.4M drill--- -CD3.0M drill ---and ----CD4.0M drill

We still keep a comprehensive range of parts for the Bamlett CD range of seed drills originally manufactured by AC Bamlett Ltd in Thirsk and then by Richard Western Ltd in Framlingham.

We still have the Seed Metering Unit Manufactured to its original specification and it is capable of sowing a wide range of seed from grass to field beans when fitted to conventional type seed drills as well as being used as a fertiliser metering unit. This unit was also used by other manufacturers such as Carrier , Kraus Plow, Marliss , Sukup ,Begg and Allen , Haybuster , Hassia , Franz Kleine .

Available stock includes Discs, Bout Covers, Scrapers ,Suffolk Coulters ,Eradicator Tines , RDS Control Boxes ( later type which can tramline at up to 12 bouts and has hopper level monitoring facility).


Common parts numbers :

32900212  Disc

2890243 Left Hand Bout Cover

2890244 Right Hand Bout Cover

2890241 Left Hand Scraper

2890242 Right Hand Scraper

32803111 Suffolk Coulter

2890239 Left Hand Side Plate

2890240 Right Hand Side Plate

2890405 Switch

2890406 Magnet

2890214 Seed Metring Unit

32900401  Control Box

2890003 Left Hand Staionary Cam

2890224 Bush

2890225 Bush

32900515 Wheel Track Eradicator Tine